It's All About That Base, No Gravel!

The Future of Water Treatment Has Arrived and It,s GREEN!

Recently Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply announced we switched our entire line of water treatment equipment from the old distributor tube and gravel method for water treatment tanks to Vortech Plate Technology.  This really is an evolution in water treatment that can potentially change the way the entire water treatment industry approaches water treatment applications.

The Old Way:
The traditional water treatment tank system setup has a distributor tube and gravel under base which all the water through the system is funneled through for service and the regeneration process. Extremely high amounts of water are necessary to properly regenerate this style tank along with higher pressure.  A standard 10x54 water softener tank could use up to 150 gallons of water for a complete regeneration cycle and filtration tanks for iron and manganese removal can use even more!

Old Style Water Treatment Tank with
Gravel Under Base and Distributor Tube

Base of Old Style Distributor Tube

The Better Way:
Vortech Plate Technology is a totally different process to regenerate every water treatment tank. Instead of using the distributor tube and gravel set up that has been in use since the dawn of water treatment, that is highly inefficient to regenerate water treatment equipment the new Vortech Plate uses the entire column of water in the tank to efficiently regenerate and effectively turn the whole bed of resin or media over inside the tank to clean any media or resin better than what was ever possible before.  The Vortech Plate also provides higher flow rates and less water pressure drop to more efficiently operate your household or business.  The link above shows the video of how this plate technology makes such a huge difference.

So what does all of this mean? It means Less is More.
30% less water for regeneration, less salt use and higher service flow rates without sacrificing efficiency!  Remember that 10x54 tank which can use up to 150 gallons of water for a regeneration? How about 94 gallons of water used on the same size tank for a complete regeneration with Vortech Plate Technology!  That is better for everyone and better for the environment!

Thank You!

Water Technology Magazine Vortech Plate Article

Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply

Good Water, Good Life!

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It's All About That Base, No Gravel!
 It's All About That Base, No Gravel!
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