Fashion cosmetic way by pearl powder

Have you even heard the story about Empress Dowager Cixi, the most powerful lady in China in 19th century? Her skin is soft and tender as a baby even when she was 60. Her top cosmetic secret is pearl powder. Pearl powder can solve hips of skin problems, including dull/ aging skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin and dead skin. Here we go some tips how to use pearl powder to solve our skin problems:
Easy powder: When you finished cleaning your face in the morning, applied your face with face tonic and daily lotion, then put some nanometer pearl powder on face, use a powder blush sweep gently and then you’ll get a shine-free matte finish. At the same time, it won’t do any damage to your skin and helps reflect sun’s damaging rays with broad-spectrum protection.

Instant mask: clean the face as usual, then mix 0.15g of nanometer pearl powder with your daily lotion or moisture cream (without acidic component) evenly, and then pat it on your face and massage gently. This mixture can form into a moisturizing lotion on the skin, which protect skin from outside stimulation and whitening skin by nature way.

Cure acne and pore: mix 0.3g the nanometer pearl powder with one quarter of egg white, smooth it on the face with a thick layer, otherwise the mask will be dry in the air quickly. Wash off it after a 15 to 20 minutes by water, and then you will find out that you skin will be soft and smooth as children. Besides that, the nanometer pearl powder has calming effect, and it’s an effective method of curing acne.

Finish makeup: We can use the nanometer pearl powder the same way as powder and it would be the best oil-free powder in the world. When you finished makeup, blend a little bit of nanometer pearl powder on your skin. The powder can make the makeup last longer, leave your skin radiant and rosy and whitening your skin at the same time.

Moisturizing skin: Deep clean your face before sleep, mix one quarter of nanometer pearl powder capsule with tonic, and then pat them on face. This mixture will nurse the skin eventually when you sleep and give the skin a total relaxation.

Reduce dark circle: blend 0.15g nanometer pearl powder around your eyes, and cold compress the eyes by ice bags. The dark circles around the eyes will disappear about after 30 minutes.
Vitamin E eye gel: open two Vitamin E capsule, mix them with 0.15g nanometer pearl powder, and put them around the eyes. This mixture can visibly tighten eye areas while reducing dark circles.
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Fashion cosmetic way by pearl powder
Fashion cosmetic way by pearl powder
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