Hard, Rusty, Smelly Water Problems Inside and Outside the Home?

Recently we had a couple from Milford, MI call that had an old ozone filtration system that failed.  They had sediment filters before and after everything to try and catch all the iron in the water inside and outside the home.  This system also fed their outside irrigation system.  They had been through several water softeners and many service calls on the ozone system in the 14 years the system had been installed.  The ozone generator had died, the filters tanks were iron bound, the water softener stopped working and their water pressure was at the point where the house pressure was very low and the irrigation system would not work.  

Ozone systems were great for treating iron and odor problems along with many other water problems especially bacteria in the water when they came out but there are much more efficient ways to treat rusty, smell, hard water issues now, although ozone can still be a preferred method to treat difficult bacteria issues.  Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply removed the entire system, including the old galvanized well/contact tank (replaced with a captive air bladder tank) and re-plumbed everything from before the well tank, through the new system, irrigation system and to the house plumbing.  As a matter of fact we took out over sixty feet of plumbing that was totally fouled with precipitated iron.

Duplex AIO filtration systems were installed to accommodate the flow rates required for the irrigation system and household water use and a new high efficient water softener was installed.  This system is now much more efficient with very little maintenance, other then adding salt periodically.  They went from using over 140# of water softener salt per month to 40# of salt use per month.  That is a savings of over $1000.00 in 5 years!

As you can see by these pictures the entire system, including the plumbing lines, were fouled with iron and needed to be replaced.  By the way that pipe shown here, coming out of the well tank, is a 1" PVC line that is so fouled with iron I could not fit the tip of my pen in it!  They were getting maybe five gallons per minute flow rate in the house and to the irrigation system.

This is the picture of the ozone system, well tank, water softener and filters before it was removed.  Now that is a plumbing nightmare!

The new water treatment system feeds the household water with iron free softened water and supplies iron free water for the irrigation system so there are no rust stains on the homes exterior, landscaping, driveways / sidewalks, property and that mailbox that is always brown from rust.

In summation; It is all about the proper solutions for the water treatment problems. That is why Beauchamp Water Treatment and Supply does not tell you what you need.  We work with you to provide practical, sensible, cost effective water treatment solutions to help your family solve those hard, rusty, smelly, water problems and provide the quality water you expect for your home and family.

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Hard, Rusty, Smelly Water Problems Inside and Outside the Home?
Hard, Rusty, Smelly Water Problems Inside and Outside the Home?
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